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Jaclyn Ouillette Wilderness Wisdom & Spiritual Guide, holds a B.A. in Outdoor Education from Johnson State College with a concentration in Wilderness Leadership & Adventure Education. She is a Certified Practitioner of Energy Medicine, Luminous Healing, & Generational Healing Method, and is also Registered as a Maine Wilderness Guide, Black Belt and Instructor in Martial Arts.

Jaclyn has been leading Wilderness Journeys focused on self awareness and personal growth since 2004. In 2004 she received the Outdoor Education Honors award and the Outstanding Community Service Award from Johnson State College for her leadership in the local community.

For several years Jaclyn focused on Therapeutic Wilderness and Adventure programs and worked as a Senior Backcountry Field Instructor in Maine and Colorado spending over 500 nights in the backcountry. She worked as a Technical Backpacking Instructor for NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) in Wyoming before a devastating run with a severely debilitating disease, "Chronic, Late Stage Neurological Lyme Disease" landed her in bed for 2 1/2 years. The illness led her through unsuccessful treatments in western medicine to ancient energy medicine of Q'ero paqos who lived in the high mountains of Peru, and also to the Four Winds Society Healing the Lightbody School. The ancient teachings and energy medicine techniques helped her to heal what her doctors said was impossible.

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After 5 devastating years, she built her strength back, became a certified practitioner in Energy Medicine & Luminous Healing, and studied with 3 Master Maine Guides to become registered as a Maine Wilderness Guide and to return to the wilderness in a whole new way.

Since that time Jaclyn has deepened her studies with ancient teachings, the Star Teachings, Thai Body Work, and as an Instructor and assistant director of the College of Sho-Kai Training in Martial Arts.