“It’s In Your Dreams”

The Summits and Struggles of Wilderness, Lyme, and Healing the Spirit

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At the time I was my sickest, I left my physical body and gained a completely different perspective on life. It was that experience that helped me find proper treatment, and gave me insights into healing myself. I promised at that time that if I could heal, I would share my story to help others. And now 12 years later…

Mapping out the Lessons of my Journey

Mapping out the Lessons of my Journey

It’s in Your Dreams is an avenue to tell my story. From road races to becoming a Wilderness Guide in the high mountains. From feeling on top of the world, to falling desperately ill. I share my perspectives and insights on navigating a life I never dreamed of. And then pushed me beyond imagination, belief, and hope to an incredible adventure in the Mountains of Peru, and a deeply moving spiritual journey guided by Native Elders in North and South America.

My Mission: To share real information that can potentially help and inspire others.

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