Seeking Truth, The Powers of the 3rd Eye, Is it Real?

I turned the corner, and there in front of me stood a giant golden temple. The light reflected off tiny gems and glittered as they refracted the light. And when I looked more closely, I saw three young girls sitting in beautifully adorned white and sparkly chairs setting them up on the stage above the crowd who were all seated on the floor. Thick blindfolds covered their eyes, and a women approached me with excitement and asked me to come, take of my shoes and witness the amazing powers of the girls.


All at once everything seemed to screech to a halt. Something hit me like a punch in the gut as I realized what was going on. The crowd sat eagerly on the carpet beneath the girls who sat in their glittering chairs. Each onlooker silent, mouths dropped opened, and eyes fixed on what appeared to be the most amazing powers; powers you only read about, or hear about. The girls were reading books and papers through blindfolds and had claimed to have been initiated by a guru in India named Nithyananda.

Is that really what the third eye does when it is open? Does it give you the ability to read through paper? How would that be helpful to humanity? My mind spun with questions. I walked on, my head still spinning, feeling an awful twist in my stomach and a sinking heart.

I scurried on by the show, eager to visit the other exhibits and talk with more people at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto.

Later that evening, after our presentations as we were walking out of the building, my partner, David Lonebear Sanipass nudged me with his elbow saying, “I need to go speak with these girls.” When I looked up, I saw the familiar girls, dressed in orange with gold adorning their hair, although this time without their blindfolds. He stopped them and began his “magic.” The three girls stood in front of us as he held up a silver coin for the girls to see. He showed them each side of the coin, flipping and spinning it slowly in his hands for them to see. And then, he asked, “Which hand is it in?”

The girls looked amazed, and two of them pointed to one hand and one pointed to another. I thought how could they disagree, without a blindfold, they surely would be confident in knowing where the silver coin was. Then David said, “You all need to agree.” So they all chose the same hand.

The older women with the girls started to appear uncomfortable in the background and the show went on as more people gathered around to watch.

Again David asked, “Which hand is it in now?” And again two said one hand, one said another and he asked them to all agree. And then switching their guesses, they agreed.

The third time, David moves his hands around and asks them to again choose the hand with the coin, and I can see that they are straining hard to try to see through his hand. This time they each agree on the hand and when David opens his hand it isn’t there. Where did the coin go? How could these girls who could see through a blindfold not be able to see a big silver coin in his hands?

We left that night and I began to research their guru. I found many videos online of these exact girls. They had claimed that you go to India to be touched, to be initiated by a guru named Nithyananda and it activates your 3rd eye and manifesting powers.

The next day we visit the exhibit hall in the morning. As soon as the girls arrive, the older women with them immediately get on their cell phones and end up delaying their performance for just 10 more minutes, over and over again…for a whole hour.

When the performance begins, we watch. They invite people to write on their white board or on their phones and the girls “read” the messages. David asks them if he can write on a piece of paper, fold it, and put it in front of them so they can read it without anyone else touching it. Can they read the paper if no else touches it or sees it? It would make sense that they could. The response is that the girls are just learning and don’t have those stronger powers yet.


So they can see through layers of blindfolds, but not through a folded piece of paper? I’m confused.

Another women says she has the powers and has been initiated by Nithyananda, but when David shares his slight of hands with the big silver coin, she is also unable to see where the coin is.

This leads me to question the authenticity of this demonstration, and of the powers that they claimed to have.

I left their demonstration feeling very uncomfortable, as if these people were trying to deceive others who were looking for true spirit at this global event…

What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear them.